Fire Keeper devlog #01: Current state of the game

Hello folks!
Welcome to the first devlog of Fire Keeper, a Tower defense isometric 3D game I’ve been working on for the last few months. The purpose of the first devlog will be to show you in wich point of the development Fire Keeper is.

I wanted to mention that this game is being developed entirely by one person. All the time I dedicate to development is the free time I have left when I’m not at my main job. But we’re here to talk about the game, not about me, so let’s do it!


Currently, after several prototypes, I am very close to having a playable demo that I’ll show to nearby people in order to get some feedback. That’s very exciting, but what have you implemented so far?
Let’s mention all the implemented features briefly:

  • 9 towers with 4 updates for each one
  • 5 traps to make the way harder for our enemies
  • 4 spells that can be casted in any part of the map
  • System of unlockable technologies that will be needed to build the most powerful towers and traps
  • 15 different types of enemies with several kinds of special attributes
  • 30 levels set in 4 different biomes. There are levels with several paths and also with elements that interact with the user
  • Multi-language text translation system
  • And many more smaller details

My next goal is to finish creating the levels I have in mind, create all the sound FX and prepare the first playable demo.

Thank you for your time and let’s dev!

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