Fire Keeper (unreleased)


Fire Keeper is a Tower Defense 3D game in isometric view with a minimalist graphics using a mix of Voxel Art and low poly styles.

Genre: Tower Defense (TD)
Platforms: Windows, Android
Setting: Fantasy/ Undefined
Languages: Spanish, English

Brief introduction:

The Fire Keepers, humans linked to the original magical artifact, have defended the magical bonfires of the infinity of threats to which they have been exposed for centuries.

Since the beginning of time, a great diversity of beings seduced by their power have tried to imbue themselves in them to absorb their vigor, but thanks to the Fire Keepers, this source of power and limited energy continues to remain as radiant as the first day, or at least until now…

A lineage of monsters led by Captain Doogon, a monster with a very bad temper, have recently discovered a technology capable of ignoring much of the damage of Fire Keepers’ weapons, achieving an unprecedented vulnerability in their defenses. The Fire Keepers must deal with them and overcome this new crisis to keep their people safe.

Coming soon…